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MyFundedFX serves as an Introducing Broker for ThinkMarkets.com, offering clients access exclusively to demo accounts within a simulated trading environment. Additionally, the services offered are aimed at assessing professional skills. The results of these services are directly related to each individual's professional skill level and their capacity to follow the program guidelines and objectives detailed for each service. We encourage clients to conduct a comprehensive review of the program requirements before enrolling in any services. Disclosure on Hypothetical Performance: The accounts utilized for our services are demo accounts. Hypothetical performance results come with inherent limitations, among which include the fact that they do not reflect actual trading. No claim is made that any account will achieve or is likely to achieve profits or losses comparable to those discussed; in reality, actual results can significantly differ from those predicted by hypothetical performance. Hypothetical performance often benefits from hindsight, does not account for financial risk, and cannot consider the financial risk in actual trading. For instance, the capacity to endure losses or to stick to a trading plan despite losses are crucial factors that can negatively impact real trading results. Many other market factors or aspects of implementing a specific trading program not accounted for in hypothetical performance preparation can also adversely affect actual trading results. Please be aware that we do not offer specific investment advice, business consulting, analysis of investment opportunities, or any general recommendations on trading investment instruments. Trading in financial markets carries a high level of risk, and we advise against risking more than you can afford to lose.

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