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Discover the MyFundedFX Scaling Plan: Your Path to Trading Advancement

Your Path to Trading Advancement-Discover the MyFundedFX Scaling Plan: -image

Grow withMFFX Scaling plan

We understand how important it is not to stand still and constantly develop. Therefore, we increase the size of accounts that meet the stated criteria. Learn more about how to become even more successful with MFFX

How itworks


Increase your accounts initial balance by 25%


You can request scaling of your accounts initial balance every 3 months


Max scaling is $ 1 500 000 or 5X initial balance


Fresh account

Fresh account

at the start balance

12% or more

12% or more

You must achieve a total profit of 12% or more. 12% is an overall gross profit, that means you don't need to hold your profit to be liable for scaling

90 days

90 days

you must achieve such results within the 90 day period before requesting a scale up

Once you have met requirements you can send scaling request to

[email protected]

example 1

Showing that 12% is an overall gross profit, that means you don't need to hold your profit to be liable for scaling

Profit ExampleYour actions
Month 1You can make 6%withdraw
Month 2You can make 4%withdraw
Month 3You can make 2%withdraw and request for scaling
You can scale your account balance until you reach 5 times the initial amount or $1.5M

example 2

Showing how your account balance can grow over time

Balance ExampleHow it grows
Initial Balance$100,000-
At 3 Months$125,000+25% of the initial balance
At 6 Months$150,000+25%
At 9 Months$175,000+25%
At 12 Months$200,000+25%
Max Balance$500,00016 times +25% of the initial balance

example 3

Showing how you can combine scaling and merging

Balance ExampleHow it grows
1. Initial Balance$100,000-
2. At 12 Months$200,0004 times +25% of the initial balance
3. Buy a new 100K account pass it and merge with that $200K$300,000Buy new and merge
4. Max Balance$200,000X times +25% of the initial balance

Once you have met requirements you can send scaling request to

[email protected]

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