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Discover Trader Success Stories: Real Journeys with MyFundedFX

Real Journeys with MyFundedFX-Discover Trader Success Stories:-image

from all over the worldThe traders path to success

We're consistently growing our compilation of interviews featuring our most accomplished traders. Each individual charts their unique path to success. Familiarize yourself with their stories and draw motivation for your own journey towards personal achievement!

$40,000 Payout Mechanical Trader - Funded Trader Interview

Here we have a great interview with Pietro, who started trading when he was 18 and now profitable with over $40k in withdrawals just with myfundedfx.


From FTMO Ban to $2.5mil Funded - Trader Interview My Funded FX

From FTMO Ban to $2.5mil Funded - Trader Interview My Funded FX


US Farmer made $70,000 Payout! MyFundedFX Trader Interview

Our very FIRST interview with Martin who had a WHOPPING $40,000 withdrawal in May (one of our top payouts).


$4 Million Funded ICT Trader Failed for 14 Years BEFORE THIS!

Join us today with Kyle with one of the most successful traders in the industry, securing over $750k worth of payouts on his journey so far.


ICT Trader's Secret to 300k Funded!!!

Here we have Adz from the UK using SMC concepts to get himself funded with 300k at My Funded FX, this is our first episode of the new interview style with Part 1 a story background about himself tips and tricks for aspiring traders. Part 2 where we go through his charts breaking down a few trades hes taken and going over his dashboard to help you guys learn and earn.


How he got $6.5K Funded Payout 1st Try - Full Strategy

Halil Uluturk full strategy


15 Years old Demo to 6 Figure Day Trader - MFFX Traders Interview

Here we have Rich, one of my favorite interviews so far in terms of growth. It was amazing to hear his story and how he hustled his way to where he is now. He started at 15 and made trading work. This is an interview you don't want to miss.


Pro Footballer into Funded Trader My Funded FX

Professional Football player Aldin shares his journey on why he became a funded trader and breakdowns how he was able to make $20k from the markets.


He Used this ICT Method to Pass Funded Challenges

Diego an 18 year old trader from the UK using the ICT concepts to pass our challenges at My Funded FX, an interview talking about his journey, mindset and some great tips and tricks to level up.


From IML to $100,000 Funded Trader!!

Kola our Funded Trader from Nigeria shares his story of how he went from challenge to challenge and even Debt to his financial freedom life now as a Funded Trader with My Funded FX



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